Bounce Houses For Rent

Basket Ball Bounce House

This popular 15' x 15' Bouncer includes a built in inflatable basketball hoop! Kids love to play basketball while bouncing around. It's always a crowd favorite!

For those kids who want more than a Bounce House. Now they can have both a Bounce House and slide all in one. Your child and their friends will enjoy bouncing, climbing and sliding.

Bounce House / Slide Combos

Dodge Ball Arena

Water Slides / Dry Slides

Need something BIGGER? We are now offering our Dodge Ball Arena! Features a 20' length 16' with 15' height arena, has blow up walls for kids to hide behind during dodge ball games. Impress you relatives and neighbors with this massive bounce house! 

No more hot summer parties. Let your kids climb, slide and splash in a pool of water! This is the backyard pool we parents have been waiting for. Not Recommended for kids 6 years and under. Slide is 9' x 32'

*Water Slides

*Dodge Ball Areas

*Bouncer / Slide Combos

*Bouncers 15 'x 15'

*Bouncers 13' x 13'

​*Bouncers 8' x 8'

​*Inflatable Games

Everything From Small Bouncers For Toddlers To Large Dodge Ball Arenas Top Notch Rental Has You Covered!


Bounce area is 10' x 10' Height is 30'

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Toddler Bounce House

This low cost Pyramid Bouncer is 13' x 13' and is  perfect for kids 10 and under.

Pyramid Bounce House

Sky Rocket Bouncer

​Let your child be king of the road in this monster truck which has over-sized wheels with bright red, black, yellow and blue colors.​ This is a larger 15' x 15' Bounce House.

Large 15' x 15' Dragon bounce House. Perfect for kids who loves Dragons or Dinosaurs!

Dragon Bounce House

This Birthday Cake is a larger bounce house. 15' x 15' x 15'

Birthday Cake Bounce House

This is a 15 'x 15' bouncer with balloons graphics on the sides. Kids call this one "Extra bouncy"

Fun House Bounce House

Need something else to occupy the kids and adults? Our inflatable game features four sides with separate games that can be played at the same time. Includes bean bag toss, bean bag darts baseball toss and football toss. This low cost game blows up to 10' tall and will make a great edition to any party. 

Inflatable Games

This is a small 8' x 8' bounce house designed for toddlers. It makes the perfect add on to any party. 

This lost cost Birthday Cake Bouncer is 13' x 13' and is perfect for kids 10 and under.

Birthday Cake Bounce House

Sky Rocket Bouncer is 10' x 10' x 30' tall. This bouncer is very tall and can be seen from far away. The Sky Rocket is perfect for kids 10 and under. It has a bounce area of 10' x 10'

​Monster Truck Bounce House